Promoting thewell-being of your company and ensuring more peace of mind for your teams.

Customized courses, workshops, and talks to bring peace, growth, and well-being to all organizations willing to invest in the mental health of their employees.

If this concerns you...

85% of employees do not feel motivated in their workplaces.

81% feel at risk of burnout or occupational exhaustion.

51%of employees feel they lack work-life balance.

*Sources: Mercer, Great Place to Work, Gallup, McKinsey

Let's collaborate together.

My goal is to help you create a work environment that fosters collaboration and emotional well-being for all your employees.

Boundaries have the potential to create a culture that motivates people, promotes acceptance and free expression, enhances high performance, responsibility, results, and prosperity for all.

Boundaries at work are seen as:

  • Established agreements on expectations.

  • Commitments to tasks that can be completed on time.

  • Delegation and trust in those who have the capacity or ability to do the best work.

  • Assertive communication when receiving and giving constructive feedback.

  • Disconnecting from work when necessary.

  • Prioritizingpersonal well-being

Mesa con detalles del programa de Stephanie Essenfeld para empresas, cartas, boligrafos y una flor en un vaso

By learning about boundaries, your company will be able to:

Improve the organizational climate.

Manage changes or transformations.

Develop leaders.

Handle stress.

Promote work-life balance.

Increase productivity.

Every company is unique

That's why I customize my conferences to the specific needs of your organization, covering the following topics:
Healthy boundaries

We will explore the concept of boundaries, delve into the various types of boundaries that exist, and equip your teams with the necessary tools to establish and maintain boundaries. We will learn how to establish them through tools that enable a fulfilling and balanced work life with personal well-being.








Assertive communication

We will learn how to handle uncomfortable conversations through active listening, defining the ego, and the formula for assertive communication for the success of day-to-day tasks.

Formulating a response in the mind while the other person is speaking.
Focused on listening, not concerned with formulating a response.
Impatiently waiting for the other person to finish speaking.
Curious to understand more.
Trying to share their opinion on the matter because it is "more important".
Wants successful communication outcomes.
Offering unsolicited advice.
Does not give advice unless asked for.
Limiting beliefs

We will identify and transform those beliefs that limit the potential of each person in delivering results and growth.

"I'm not intelligent enough."

"My ideas are not good enough."

"I don't speak well in front of the public."

"I don't speak English well."

Passivity vs. Proactivity

We will understand the difference between an attitude that delegates responsibility to others and an attitude that makes things happen by learning to take responsibility for our actions.

Waiting for life to give you signals to take action.
Making things happen.
Constantly avoiding responsibilities and challenges.
Taking charge of your challenges and responsibilities.
Living in fear and postponing uncomfortable conversations.
Facing fear head-on.
Feelings of insecurity and inferiority.
Feelings of empowerment.

Stephanie Essenfeld, LMFT

Stephanie Essenfeld has become one of the most influential experts in Miami and Latin America in the field of establishing healthy boundaries in all relationships, making her unique in her category and an excellent ally for any company.

Stephanie uses strategic examples and stories in her teaching style to help her audience relate to them and take action with positive changes in their daily lives.

Furthermore, the tools she teaches are backed by research with evidence of real and lasting impact, such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and tools from the Gottman Institute method.

Stephanie has achieved impressive accomplishments and remains a person who is approachable, empathetic, and caring, driven by her purpose to share the tools that transformed her own life.

Stephanie Essenfeld sonriendo

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Are you ready to bring Más Paz Mental to your organization?

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